Lesson Programs

Qualified Instruction is provided in English riding. Basic Hunt Seat equitation is taught but our emphasis is in dressage and eventing for our more advanced riders.

Students of all levels begin in private lessons. We begin our students on a lunge line so the rider learns to balance before they are given the reins. This develops a more secure position which gives the rider better control when they take up the reins. Students can move to group lessons when they are able to balance and steer in a group situation. Some more advanced riders prefer to stay in private lessons where the instructor is able to focus on specific training of the individual horse/rider team.

Wellspring Farm in Bellevue State Park may provide the only opportunity for the children as well as adults in this area to ride and or observe large animals. Both day and evening lessons are available. The lesson program at Wellspring is extensive and involves people at all age levels. At present there are six trained and safety conscious instructors.

Katherine Van Dyck (K.C.)

Facilities Director – Graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. After graduation moved to this area and apprenticed with a local professional in West Chester, PA. In 1979 she moved to Bellevue State Park and developed a riding/boarding program. K.C. is a USEF recognized dressage and eventing judge. Besides judging K.C. also teaches regular clinics in the Northeast. She has also trained and competed in dressage and eventing through the FEI Levels until recent years when her emphasis changed to more teaching and training than competing. 1/2 hour Private $60, Group $55

Tiffany Wallace

1/2 hour Private $58, Group $52

Sandy Dente

1/2 hour Private $55,

 All other instructors pricing 1/2 hour Private $52, Group $50

Anne Rainey,  Alex Pyle,  Lisa Sachs,  Jessi Walsh

Demi Rubincam,  Courtney Thomson,  Cara Zelo