Pony Rides and Field Trips

The spring and summer are the busiest times because many companies have their picnics in the park. Some of the larger companies request several ponies for 2 or 3 hours giving large numbers of children an opportunity to ride and pet them. The groups of children that come with their families always look forward to the pony rides. There are also calls from parents who want to do something special for their child’s birthday. The ponies are rented by the hour and the children have several chances to ride during that time.

The field trips offer school children the opportunity to visit a horse facility, many for the first time. During a recent visit from an area school, 118 children received a tour of the stables, paddocks and surrounding area. They learned about the different colors of horses, how horses are shod, and what they eat and how they are transported. As is always is the case, everyone enjoyed the experience, including the “tour guides.”

For further information on pony rides and field trips please contact our office at (302) 798-2407